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Where We will be posting Our most playful, secret, and exciting pics and videos. We built this site, with a little help from Our finger freinds, especially for you!  So if you want to be a part of the secret special moments of the fun We have, create an account now!  This VIP account will provide you with Our updates for new shoots, trips We am planning, and performance dates, etc.  So if you wanna keep up with Us, make sure you're keeping up with all of Us.  We try and do a little something special for Our new fans, so expect some exclusive live shows for when you get inside.. We like being real-time with you, and We really like having fun and enjoying Ourself! Why not come inside, and have some fun with Us right Now!!!

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Damsel In Distress

Added: 5 months ago


Length: 3 min

Spy On MY Hammock Feet

Added: 7 months ago


Length: 4 min

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Rocket Dogs Update


Added: 1 month ago

Claws Tearing OUR Shoes Up


Added: 2 months ago

Hot Pink Mules


Added: 3 months ago

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Flip Flop Graveyard

Posted: March, 05, 2016

Our beloved flip flops, gotten for US by R, are starting to wear a bit thin these days and are preparing for their well deserved retirement.  

Out with the old and in with the new. WE'er getting a new flip flops and if you want to pick them out go to My Flip Flop Wish List On Amazon and pick out a pair you like for US to wear.

In fact WE really could use two pair. One pair of shower/water shoes and one pair of leather for no-water related wear. If you have a suggestion for US make sure to let US know ;-)



And MY Toes Wiggled as I laughed.

Posted: January, 06, 2016

36408-And MY Toes Wiggled as I laughed.-AnnieFootsies

Sometimes WE are so ticklish that WE can barley stand it.  In fact feathers are one of the things that really get US going good.  It's been a while but the last time WE had the feather treatment WE just about made Annie pee her panties, that is if she's wearing any.  We do notice from this point of view what all's going on up there and well let's just say that Ms. Annie has well earned her legendary nick name of "No Panty Annie."


Ok, WE can admit it . . . we do kind of like a light little touch type tickle, now that can be quite pleasant indeed.  But to much of a good thing is too much of a good thing , and all, or so it's said. 


Annie had a phone call, not long ago, where the person she was talking to wanted to have her held down and for US to be tickled till she couldn't take it anymore.  WE think maybe even to the point of peeing herself and more then likely on US as WE live below.


Would love to hear about your ticking fantasies and/or realities.  Let's share and enjoy each others kinks ;-)  Your turn ;-)




New Banners for Affiliates to use

Posted: December, 23, 2015

35586-New Banners for Affiliates to use-AnnieFootsies

Here is the link to the affiliate tools area.  I will be expanding on this but for now you will at least have something to work with for your promotions of the site.  It's going to be a good strong year for Us packed full of fun and Money ;-)  Let's Go 2016 !!!


If you need something special let Me know and I'll see what I can do.  Happy Money Making ;-)

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